Setup Side

The Setup side of the Home Screen is typically used only once, during the setup of a bid. Here is an overview of it's options.

1) Basic Bid Info

  • These fields are for informational purposes.
  • You may enter the name of the company for whom you are preparing the bid, as well as the job name.
  • The "Estimator's Name field is automatically populated.

2) Labor Template

  • Select the Labor Template you would like to use for this bid.
  • Only ONE labor template is allowed per bid.
  • For more information about labor templates, visit the Labor Template Page

3) Labor & Markup Settings

  • This section displays the current values for Labor as well as the type of Markup being used.
  • The Edit button opens the Labor Settings Form where you can further adjust your Labor and Markup.

4) Estimator Commission

  • Enter the estimator's commission (if any)

5) Sales Tax

  • Use this section to set or adjust the Sales Tax you want applied to this bid.