Security Device

We highly recommend that you read this entire topic to understand the role of the security device.

What is the Security Device?
The security device (or hardware key) is the small plastic device that came with your software. It prevents unauthorized use of our software. The device contains an encoded chip that tells us which of our software programs you are authorized to run. This ensures that we do not lose sales revenue to "software pirating".
Selling software is our business; that is how we recoup our substantial investments in our products. It is also how we make a profit after the investment is paid off. So losing sales because of unauthorized copying of our product is a huge potential problem for us. That's why the security device is so important to our business.
What do I do with the Security Device?
The security device plugs into the USB port of your computer. The device must be on the computer when you run the software.
How Does It Work?
The device is attached to any USB port on your computer. When the program starts it checks the device to see if you are authorized to run the program you are attempting to run. If so the program starts.
What are the Common Problems I may encounter with the Security Devices?
The security devices are an invisible form of software security that causes no adverse problems 95% of the time. Most customers attach them to the computer and forget about them. There are some problems that may occur:
  • When using the program with a laptop you have to be sure that you have the device with you (& have not forgotten it back at the office).
  • Sometimes when Bid Advantage starts it fails to find the security device even though the device is attached to the computer. This is a very rare occurrence and if it persists let us know and we will replace the device.
Why not another form of Software Security?
The security device is the best means today of preventing unauthorized use of a software program. They are widely used in the software industry mostly in smaller markets.
There is no form of software security that is as absolute and works with less inconvenience than the security device.
Why doesn't Microsoft use them?
The simple answer is the size of the market. Where companies like Microsoft have the potential to sell millions of copies of their software, we are in a market that numbers in the hundreds. Microsoft builds "losses due to software pirating" into their strategy because their market is large enough to absorb it. Our market is not large enough to do that.
I buy 1 copy of other programs & load them on all my computers.
You may not know this but having more than one person using the same software license at the same time is illegal, except where explicitly stated, such as with site licenses or similar licensing concepts. If you read the software licensing agreements that come with software programs you will discover that most allow for use of that copy (license) of the program by only one person at a time.
What if my device doesn't work?
If your device is not working we will replace it at no charge. If you send us the device overnight we will return a replacement device.
What if I lose my device?
We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you add the full cost of the software to your insurance policy. If your device is lost or stolen you will be charged full price for a new security device.