Roof Drains & Boots

Under Roof drains you must specify the existing roof material in general terms.

  1. Select one of the following to determine clean up labor: ​
    • EPDM
    • BUR
    • GSBUR
    • None
  2. Are you planning on reusing the existing drain rings (compression ring)? Please check the box if you are. If you are going to reuse the existing drain ring you will click on the "Save" button and this entry is completed; however, if you are NOT going to reuse the existing drain ring, then you will not click in this box and you will proceed with the rest of this entry.
  3. If you are not reusing the existing drain ring You must determine BOTH the boot size and (CDR) ring size. The range of the drain boot size are 2" - 8", as well as SOME ½" increments. The CDR ring sizes are similar.
  4. After all necessary information is entered click Save to add the drain to the report table on the right.

If you decide to edit any of the drains, simply click on the desired drain in the report table and edit the appropriate factors.
To create a new drain simply start your entries all over again and click on Save.

Drain Accessories: If you need any roof drain accessories, Duro-Last can provide some of them.
Please specify the quantity of drains or desired strainers. There are 4 types of strainers PVC roof drains:

  • 3"-4" PVC Drains - drain connection with strainer included
  • 3"-4" Black Leaf Strainer. - strainer for use with only 3” and 4” drain boots
  • Dome Strainer - blue strainer for use with 2-6” drain boots
  • 2” Drain Adapter - 2” drain boot alternative