Review Page

This page or screen is divided into three columns. The left column is a listing of all purchases of materials, the center column has labor, subcontractor and services, and the right column has totals, discounts, markup and totals.

Left Column - Material Summary

In the left or first column there are several sections that are summaries of various screens. Pricing is set in the program and when Duro-Last changes pricing and if your support for the program is paid in full we will furnish you with pricing updates that will update your program as needed.

Other, non-Duro-Last items: These have to have pricing entries that are appropriate to your business and area set up in the management program or during the bid process.

In addition to these summaries are local taxes and shipping costs that must either be set up in the Management Program or calculated during the bid process.

Taxes: You must set up whatever local, state or federal taxes apply in your area.

Shipping (DL): You must set up whatever shipping cost are appropriate for your area. We have set up the program to base shipping cost on the total dollar cost of Duro-Last materials or based on the number of square feet. We have a default list if you don’t have any idea; however, you are responsible to know your own shipping cost and to make appropriate entries.

Shipping Other: If any item of this job, other than Duro-Last, requires shipping cost, you must make an entry here.

Center Column - Labor Totals

The Center column has labor totals: It is important to note that your labor rates are set up in the Management Program. The totals will be based on the labor rate you set up and from calculations or entries you made on other screens.

Cost and Hours options: (or or Cost and Man Days depending on Management Settings) These are options at the bottom of the column. It will always default to cost; however if you want to view your labor in hours or man days, click on that option and it will be displayed for you.

Right Column - Totals of Left and Center Columns

The Right column has two columns of totals from the previous two columns. The left column of these two columns is based totally on what you have set up in the Management Program and your discount selections. The right column allows you to change the markup percentage or dollar markup amount to see what difference it might make in your overall bid. The left column will remain what the program has been set up to calculate. This allows the continued comparison for better review and decision making.

Discounts: There is a box beside each discount that when checked includes that discount in the total of the bid, at the bottom of this screen. There is a warning when you check each box that is your responsibility to determine if you want this discount included in your bid total. The discount criteria is restated here for your review.

Discount Disclaimer: Please contact the Duro-Last sales department or accounts receivable for details. Bid Advantage is not responsible for the terms and conditions under which Duro-Last offers discounts. We provide this information based on the current information we have received. It is the estimator's responsibility to know how the discount works and whether or not they are entitled to them and whether or not they want the discounts included in their bid price.

Subtotal: This is a total of everything in this column prior to mark up.

Markup: Markup is set up in the Management Program. You can set how you want to apply overhead and profit to the job and any other markup you choose. It can be based on a percentage of the subtotal or on your man days of work bid on this job.

Percentage Markup: This reflects what percentage of the Subtotal your markup equals

Dollar Markup: This is the actual dollar cost of markup added to your subtotal to give you your Bid Total.

Bid Total: The Subtotal in this column plus the Dollar Markup equals your Bid Total.

Cost per Square Foot of Roof Area: This calculation takes the total square footage of the entries you made on the Roof Sections and divides it into your Bid Total to give you a cost per square foot of the Roof Area.

Cost per Square Foot of Membrane: This calculation takes the total square footage of Duro-Last membrane being purchased to cover the Roof Sections and the Parapets and divides it into your Bid Total to come up with a cost per square foot of membrane being installed. Some times this is significantly different than the Cost per S.F.of Roof Area, especially if you have a lot of parapet walls that are to be covered.