Parapets Page

Deck Type/Wall Type
The deck and wall associated with each parapet and parapet skirt is specified in these two drop down menus.

Style-There are four styles of parapets:

  1. The first style is composed the Skirt and the Vertical.
  2. The second style is composed of the Skirt, Cant and the Vertical dimensions.
  3. The third style is composed of the Skirt, Vertical, Top of Wall and the Drop dimensions.
  4. The fourth style is composed of the Skirt, Cant, Vertical, Top of Wall, and the Drop dimensions.

Depending on style chosen the dimensions needed are highlighted in white and need to be entered in inches.

Length of Wall (ft)
 The length of a wall or portion of the length of a wall where the currently entered information applies. It is important to note that if you are doing a quick bid and just want the bid done quickly, you could enter an entire length of a wall where the dimensions are all consistent and then just tell the program approximately how many pieces (in the next entry) you would have that length made up into, to accommodate a normal roof and parapet installation. On the other hand if you are wanting to export this information to a fax order blank or if you prefer entering each piece as you would install them then enter each length as the length you would want each piece to be and then enter “1” for how many pieces you want that length made up into. The program figures waste on each length entered along with calculating laps for multiple pieces.

No. Of Pieces
The number of pieces an estimator wants the previously entered “length of wall” to be made up into so that they can be sizes manageable by the installation crew.

Use Slipsheet
When a separation is required between parapet flashing material and remaining asphalt on a parapet wall or a vertical tie in select this box and DL approves slipsheet will be added in the Non-D/L items Page.

By clicking on the highlighted Labor, a small window will pop up titled, Labor Adjustment. This panel displays the total calculated man house based on your previous specifications. The adjusted labor and hours can be changed at your discretion.

Terminations, Capstones, and ARP

This includes terminations installed on the vertical surface of the wall or on the outside edge of the top of the wall.
Use Wood Blocking
If you are doing an edge termination on the top of the parapet wall and no wood blocking exists, you may need to provide wood blocking for proper termination of the edge termination detail. The program defaults to a 2” x 4” wood block mounted on the outside edge of the parapet wall and the remaining width, up to 12” is covered with 1-1/2” thick polyisocyanurate insulation
Defaulting to None, the Capstones tab gives the options of either just removing capstones the length of the parapet or removing them and then reinstalling them.

Asphalt Resistant Product (ARP) is a modified Duro-Last membrane that is resistant to asphalt. This is important since standard Duro-Last membrane is not resistant to asphalt and can be damaged by direct contact with asphalt products. If you are tying into an asphalt product and need ARP membrane to make that tie in you would determine that here. There are different widths to choose.

Save Parapet
After these parameters are recorded click Save Parapet and it will be added to the display window.

Display Window
The display window depicts the correlating parapet of the chosen icon. The parapet style, skirt, cant, vertical, top of wall, and drop are labeled accordingly. On each dimension tabs are displayed as well as the lengths of each. As changes are made to the data, the image updates in the display window.

Report Table
Each parapet is listed in the table on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This table shows the information that was entered for each entry.

If you need two or more of the same parapet information you can select an entry in the table and click on the copy button. That information will create a duplicate entry in the table.

Choose one of the parapets displayed in the Details Table and click Remove, this will delete the parapet from your bid.

Man Hours
The total hours for all parapets in the Report Table.

Labor Cost 
The total cost of the hours in the Report Table based on the labor rate in the management program.