Non-DL Page

At this point there are several options available for products which are not Duro-Last items. Several items selected from previous menus (Roof Sections, Parapets, Curbs) appear here.

Customized Contractor Applications:
Do you have applications unique to this specific operation? This is the window to provide a description, perhaps a quantity and unit cost for these special applications.
NOTE: The choice for Insulation on Curbs, Plastic on Curbs and Plastic on Parapets will also be included in this report table.
Wood and Edge Blocking:
Wood Blocking is a wood plate that fastens the termination and/or parapet to the structure. This is installed to promote stability of the structure. If wood blocking is selected in roof sections it appears here in the appropriate height for the Insulation selected.
Structural Roof Deck Materials:
If there has been damage to the original roof deck and a part of the deck must be replaced, this is where the appropriate materials shall be specified.
Sheet Metal:
Sheet metal work is entered in lineal feet.
Masonry Work:
Are there broken capstones? If so, do you plan on replacing the capstones with the existing ones or purchasing new ones? With all this work how much mortar is required? If capstones options are selected in parapets they appear here.
Sub-Contractors and Equipment Rental:
Are there other services necessary to complete the job? For example do you need to replace gutters or downspouts? Will you need a crane or perhaps a forklift. You can determine these and other services on this screen.
Report Table:
Each item listed in the table on the right hand of the screen. This table shows the Category of the product, the Item, its quantity, the cost/quote, the number of hours and Labor cost for each.