Navigation Toolbar

File Operation Buttons

1) New Bid
When you first open the program it will open up to the home screen and is ready to start a new bid immediately. You can also click on the "File" menu and select "New" or select the Icon "New". You can enter Company Name and Job Name. The estimator's name will be whoever logged on. The "Status" will always default to "In Progress" unless you want to select another option. The "Labor Template" will always default to "Standard" unless you select another option you have created. The "Date Created" will default to the computer's date on the date you started this bid.

2) Opening an Existing Bid
Click on the "File" in the menu bar or Click on the "Folder Icon" names "Open". From there it should either take you directly to your existing folders and files or you can locate where they have been stored and open them through this option. 

3) Saving a Bid
Click on the "File" in the menu bar or Click on the "Disk Icon" named "Save". This will take you to the last location you saved Bids or you can browse to determine where you want to store and save the bid. You also have the option to select "Save As" in the File menu. Here you can give variations of the same bid alternate names. 

Page Buttons

As you build your estimate, you will use the toolbar at the top of the page to navigate to different sections of the program. You may also use the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons located at the bottom of each page

1) Home Page
2) Roof Sections Page
3) Underlayments Page
4) Parapets Page
5) Curbs Page
6) Accesories Page
7) Metals Page
8) Non-Duro-Last Page
9) Review Page
10) Help Button