Management Initial Setup

PLEASE NOTE: The management program CANNOT be opened simultaneously with the estimator.

The management program is where you set up your company information so that the program bids your jobs the way you want them bid. It allows you to have control of the program and tailor things to meet your needs.
Please note that all duro-last pricing is already in the program and we will provide you with updates (with your paid support agreement) as duro-last changes prices. However, you must furnish pricing for non duro-last items or your bids for things like wood blocking, sheet metal and insulation will not be complete and your bid could be too low.
On the Management Screen you will find a list of five categories with several items under each category. The five categories are GENERAL, LABOR SETTINGS, SETUP & INSPECTION, PRICING, EXCEPTIONAL METALS, AND NON DURO-LAST. If for any reason you cannot see the items under each category click on the “+” sign beside each heading and the list of items will appear. By clicking on each item a box will appear asking for specific information to be furnished.


Contractor Information
Contractor Order Info will be exported to the report. Please input the following:
  • Name
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Phone Number
  • P.O. #
  • DL Account
You must click “Save” for this information to be retained.
Shipping Costs
The left column is the range for the dollar amount of Duro-Last specific items. The shipping is based on that dollar amount spent and recorded in the right column. For example a minimum of 0 – $5000 you pay $100 shipping. And from $5001-7500 you pay 275$ etc. Either column can be modified. You can always override these amounts on the Review page of the Bid Program.
Miscellaneous Settings
Which Duro-Last Sealant do you prefer: Duro-Caulk or Paraseal?
Local Sales Tax: Determined according to your current location, state. Enter a default sales tax rate for work in your area. This rate can be overridden for each Bid depending on location. In this version you are being given the option of having sales tax apply to materials only or to the entire bid of the job. This is to accommodate Washington state and any other locations that may require this option.
You can enter all estimators that will be using this software. You can also set a default commission rate for all bids. The commission rate can be modified on a bid by bid basis on the Current Bid Screen in the Bid Program.

Labor Settings

Basic Labor Settings
Choose if you want labor displayed in hours or days in the Bid Advantage Program.
Enter how many hours you consider a full day of work PER PERSON.
You must click on the “Save” button to store any adjustments to this information.
Labor and Markup Options
If you using Bid Advantage 1.0 and alternate labor / markup rates are new to you, the labor and markup rate you had in 1.0 will become the default setting. In 1.1 you have already experienced this change. You can name each setting any name you choose. You can create a variety of labor rates. With each labor rate you will also create a markup rate for that labor rate.
We have added one markup option. Markup can now be based on a percentage of the total costs, a percentage of the finished bid number allowing you a gross profit margin, or based on a flat return on labor whether an hourly rate or a flat rate per man day. You can use the LABOR and MARKUP CALCULATOR to help you determine what labor or markup rates you want to use. Double click on the Rate Calculator or Markup Calculator to use these tools. The calculated number or the number you enter is what is put into the program.
Labor Templates (See tutorial for more extensive explaination)
Labor templates can be created that reflect your company’s labor charges for specific types of roofing installations. You create templates by clicking on the “New” button under the labor template box. The box to the right will become highlighted and you can give the “New Template” any name you choose. Just type a name in the “New Template” box.
After giving the template a name set your labor rates by adjusting the base line labor numbers up or down. 100% equals the base line labor rates. By entering a number higher than 100% you raise the base line labor rates by that percentage (eg. 103% equals a 3% increase in labor. By entering a number lower than 100% you reduce the base line labor rates by that percentage (eg. 98% equals a 2% reduction in labor). Make adjustments to each area of the bid program as appropriate for your company. The templates you create here can be selected in The Bid Program.
You must click on the “Save” button to store any adjustments to this information.
Setup and Inspection
Setup Times - The left column is the range of square feet. The right column is the factor which is multiplied by the number in the range to obtain the resulting setup time in hours. You can modify either column. The Bid Advantage Program will allow you to modify any calculated quantities from these formulas.
Inspection Times - The left column is the range of square feet. The right column is the actual time in hours it takes to inspect that number of square feet. The Bid Advantage Program will allow you to modify any calculated quantities from these formulas.
You must click on the “Save” button to store any adjustments to this information.


Please enter the cost per square foot for each item listed. Any items not shown can be added on Non Duro-last Items or in the Get Quote or Flute Filler pricing on a job per job basis.
You must click “Save” for this information to be retained.
Left Column: Non Duro-Last Approved Types of Fasteners
Middle Column: Price per box. PLEASE PROVIDE CURRENT PRICING
You must click “Save” for this information to be retained.
Exceptional Metals
Exceptional Metals are made by Duro-Last's sister company. While pricing is shown under each item, these prices are more susceptible to change than Duro-Lasts main product line so we are letting you adjust and quote as needed.
One thing unique in this area is that we are not only giving you a unit / LF cost for material but we are asking for the same unit labor cost. So if you calculate labor by saying it takes you 3 hours to hang 100' of a "D" style gutter than the unit/LF cost for labor is 3 hours divided by 100LF= .03 per L.F. Based on this calculation I would enter a labor unit cost of .03. Then whatever lineal footage I enter it will calculate the correct material cost and labor cost.
This unit cost of labor calculation is available for each Exceptional Metal item. Please note that Pitch Pans and Collection Boxes are in single unit applications so the labor is for the complete installation of one unit.
Gutters: There are four styles of gutter and three sizes under each style.
Downspouts: There are two styles of down spouts for each of the sizes. The styles are either opened or closed fronts.
Pitch Pans: We offer 3 standard sizes and Pitch Pocket Filler is calculated for each.
Collection Boxes: There are two styles of collection boxes with two sizes for each style. The styles are with or without a through wall Scupper incorporated into the Collection Box.
Non Duro-Last
You should set the price on the existing products / per lineal or square foot or appropriate unit cost. New items can be added in the left column. To delete an item, simply delete the description on the left.
  • Roof Edge Blocking
  • Parapet Wall Blocking
  • Structural Roof Deck Materials
  • Subcontractors
  • Disposal Unit Decisions and Sizes
  • Sheet Metal Work
  • Masonry
  • Preset Custom Applications
  • Services
For Custom Applications you must edit both the left column (description) and the right column (dollar amount). We do not have a unit labor cost column in this version of the software.
You must click “Save” for this information to be retained.