Exceptional Metals

  • Gutters: There are four styles of gutter and three sizes under each style.
  • Downspouts: There are two styles of down spouts for each of the sizes. The styles are either opened or closed fronts.
  • Pitch Pans: We offer 3 standard sizes and Pitch Pocket Filler is calculated for each.
  • Collection Boxes: There are two styles of collection boxes with two sizes for each style. The styles are with or without a through wall Scupper incorporated into the Collection Box. 

Exceptional Metals are made by Duro-Last's sister company. While pricing is shown under each item, these prices are more susceptible to change than Duro-Lasts main product line so we are letting you adjust and quote as needed. One thing unique in this area is that we are not only giving you an units per Linear Feet (units/LF) cost for material but we are asking for the same unit labor cost. So if you calculate labor by saying it takes you 3 hours to hang 100' of a "D" style gutter than the hrs/LF cost for labor is 3 hours divided by 100LF = .03 per L.F. Based on this calculation I would enter a labor unit cost of .03. Then whatever lineal footage I enter it will calculate the correct material cost and labor cost. This unit cost of labor calculation is available for each Exceptional Metal item. Please note that Pitch Pans and Collection Boxes are in single unit applications so the labor is for the complete installation of one unit.