curbs page
Curb: A square or rectangular penetration in a roof. This penetration can either extend up out of a roof the side of a roof through a parapet or side wall. It can also be a parapet wall roof drain or scupper.
Copy Settings from Roof Section
This copies the settings from a roof section to the curbs page.  Just click on it and a list of the roof sections will appear to choose from.  
Deck Type, Mil, Color:
The deck type defaults to the last entry on the Roof Sections; however, if multiple roof decks exist you must be sure to specify the appropriate deck. Duro-last typical makes all curbs 40mil and rarely makes exceptions but the option is there.  There are color options for the curbs now which reflect Duro-lasts upcharges for colors.  
Select Curb Style
What kind of curb is required for your roof? How many of each type of curb? There are four types of curbs from which to choose as well as two different types of scuppers.
  1. Open Curb - The Open Curb is not welded closed to complete the square or rectangle but it is opened on one side so you can wrap the flashing around a penetration on the roof.
  2. Closed Curb - The Closed Curb must be placed over the penetration as it is not capable of opening and wrapping around the penetration..
  4. Curb with Top - the flashing on this curb covers all sides of the penetration and is meant for those not in use.
  5. Scupper - This is a through wall drain that is lined with flashing that has a skirt on both the inside and outside of the wall. The skirt is a normal size.
  6. Metal Scupper - This is a metal sleeve inserted from the outside and it is lined with a standard Duro-Last Scupper with a skirt welded to the metal flange on the outside of the wall and has a standard skirt on the inside of the wall that will be welded to the field sheet and parapet material.

 Once you have specified a Curb Style, enter the quantity for each style. In addition to the quantity, please specify the appropriate dimensions for the sides and the skirt.

Select Termination Option
  • No Lift and T-Bar - The unit is not lifted and the curb flashing is terminated with term bar.
  • No Lift and Counter Flash - The unit is not lifted and the curb flashing is terminated without a termination bar and a counter flashing is installed to flash the top of the termination.
  • Lift and T-Bar - The unit is lifted and the curb flashing is terminated with a term bar.
  • Lift and Tuck - The unit is lifted and the curb flashing is extended up and over the top of the base of the curb unit and folded over and fastened off to the top of the curb unit.
  • Scupper/Fascia Bar (1 3/4") - The skirt of the scupper sleeve on the outside of the parapet wall is terminated on the outside of the wall using a 1-3/4” fascia bar.
  • None - Defaults to this no termination option is selected.
 - By clicking on the highlighted Labor, a small window will pop up titled, Labor Adjustment. This panel displays the total calculated man hours based on your previous specifications. The labor numbers are a base line only and intended to be a starting point for determining the labor hours you would choose to use. The adjusted labor and hours can be and are intended to be changed at your discretion. The hours can be adjusted by percentage or actual hours. Click Finish or Cancel to exit the Labor Adjustment window.
Insulation and Plastic 
 You have the option to add insulation or plastic to the curbs as well. Please check the box next to the option.  This adds either plastic or 1.5” ISO to the Non-D/L items page.

To save the changes to a curb you must click the Save Curb icon.
To define any additional curbs, repeat the previous steps.

Display Window
The display window depicts the curb according to the selected curb icon. Once the type of curb has been determined, you must specify the quantity for that type and the dimensions to the nearest quarter of an inch. These dimensions will be displayed in red on the image to the right. Notice that it also correlates to the type of termination that was selected.

 Summary Table
When you click Save Curb(s), it is listed in the table on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This table shows the type of Curb or Scupper as well as the quantity of each and its dimensions.  Here you may select an entry to make changes.

Remove Selected
When you click this button it removes the curbs entry selected in the Report Table from the bid.