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    This page appears a little different than the previous pages. On this page you will notice there is a "tree view" on the left hand of the screen of the categories and individual items of Duro-Last Accessories. In the “tree view” on the left, the names that are in Red indicate there are fasteners to be added and they turn green when those amounts are entered in on for the given item.  By clicking on the + each section will expand. Following are the categories and expanded list of Duro-Last Accessory Items.

Flashing and Walk Pads
In this section you will specify the quantity of the following items:

  • * Corners
  • * Pipe Stacks: Requires type of usage choice
  • * Conduit Washers
  • * Roof Drains and Boots: Requires type of roof choice
  • * Walk Pads

Edge Terminations
Subtotals and totals from choices you make on Roof Sections, Parapets and Curbs will be automatically entered but must be verified.  Any additional quantities, corners, covers and fasteners can be added:

  • * Term Bar
  • * Fascia
  • * Gravel Stop
  • * Drip Edge
  • * Snap Cover

Calculated Items
In this section there are program calculated quantities that you will verify and you can specify the quantity of any additions you might need for the following items:

  • Panduit Straps
  • Sealants
  • Adhesives
  • Membrane Acc.
  • Vents

Fasteners and Related
In this section you will specify the quantity of the fasteners for:

  • Parapet Wall Tabs
  •  Roof Sections and Insulation