Labor Templates

In Bid-Advantage, we use labor templates to quickly adjust labor for different building types or complexities.

To illustrate how labor templates work, examine the chart below:

Because a restaurant is typically more congested and requires more labor than a more open warehouse type roof, we have created a restaurant template to adjust our labor accordingly.

In the labor chart we have two labor templates, a standard template, and a restaurant template. Along the bottom of the chart we can see that we have adjusted the restaurant template to have higher multipliers than the standard template in a variety of labor categories.

In this illustration a roof section that calculated to 12 hours in the standard template would take 15.6 hours under the restaurant template.

In the management side of Bid-Advantage you may create as many labor templates as you want. Some contractors, who are experienced with Bid-Advantage, choose to create templates based on relative complexity of a roof. Instead of creating a restaurant template they may choose to create a "150% template".