About Us

Bid-Advantage was created, in our sister company, Jewett Roofing, based on a need to have accurate, consistent, competitive, and timely bids, by each of our estimators.

Jewett Roofing started handling Duro-Last Roofing Products in 1995. Within two years we started phasing out other roofing product lines because of our increased confidence in the Duro-Last Products and the integrity of the Duro-Last company. Duro-Last became our roofing system of choice. One of the main benefits of the Duro-Last Roofing System, Custom-Made Pre-fabrication, is also one of the main reasons it takes so long to teach a new estimator how to put together bids for this system. It no longer involves just knowing your basic product line and the square foot application rates to put together a material bid. You had to understand how Duro-Last builds it products and in turn how those products get installed. Since both are quite unique and differ from other products in the marketplace this process can be quite time consuming to learn.

In 2001 we started building the foundation for The Bid-Advantage System. While our sister company was adding sales staff, we were constantly refining our estimating system so that it would become a teaching tool as well as giving the company control over how our bids were arriving in the marketplace. The growth process our Roofing Company was going through helped us create a product that we feel is worthy of being shared. The dream of having a software system that could provide us with consistent and accurate bids, while teaching and reinforcing Duro-Last Specifications and Details has finally been achieved in Bid-Advantage.